The games we play. 

Liam doesn’t go in for most game-play. Games that require speech, coordination, or mobility just aren’t Liam’s thing. But eye contact with daddy? That Liam knows very well, and since he’s been old enough to swing his head from one side to the other we have played our own game.

We start facing in opposite directions until either one decides to swing all the way around to smile at the other. Wait too long and don’t meet his eye at the right moment? Well no smile for you and we swing our heads back around to start over. Synchronize head swings and meet in the middle at the same time? Well then you get the prize of Liam’s joy. 

We’ve been playing this game most of Liam’s life, but tonight’s match when I got home from work was a real barn burner. 

We both won. 

Breaking Through the BS.

I’m tired. I’m busy. I’ve been battling this headcold for a week. I’m focused on other things.


If this kid of mine, who was “never supposed to be able to walk” can suit up in his walker at school and walk 67 feet (yes we measured. 101 8 inch tiles) down the hallway what valid reason can I possibly come up with to not find the time, motivation, or energy to brag blog about it here to all of you?


There’s no excuse.

I’ll try and do better.