Sandwiched around a very pleasant and relaxing trip to New Jersey, so that Liam could see his grandparents and so that my father-in-law could take his daughter to a Yankee game again, it has been harvest time here at Olson & Son Hopyard. Pictured are some of today’s pickings. Newports, to be more specific, drying in the garage.

It’s been a busy week. I’ll return to my normal sporadic posting soon enough.


Beers and Bedtimes

As promised over the weekend here are the pictures of Liam’s Lager. Brewed by my brother and aged 153 days or the same amount of time that Liam stayed in the NICU.

Just wanted to get the pictures up and make it a quick post tonight. Liam’s new medication doses have wreaked havoc on his, and our, sleep schedules. The side effect induced insomnia had Liam falling asleep last night at about 10:30 this morning. No sleep in this house for about 20 hours. Dr.’s have been called and doses have been re-adjusted and hopefully we can all get back to resting when we should soon. Just a matter of Liam’s body adjusting to the new meds. Until then, he’s in charge of his sleep schedule and we just have to accommodate.

Night nurse tonight and so its off to sleep I go. Like I said, quick one tonight.

A year without holidays

The title is true, it has been a year without holidays. All of the previous holidays of 2009 were spent in the hospital and although now home Thanksgiving was no event either. Karin and Liam stayed home while I went to work. My mother had all of the family over at her house but the crowd and so many people travelling from all over the region means waay too many germs for a visit from the baby. He did have a few visitors at home though. The most important being his Uncle Phil and Aunt Jannah who drove in from Chicago in a rented Smart Car. (they made quite a splash with the car when they parked it facing the road because there wasn’t any space long enough to parallel park.)

I missed it all of course while working all day at a place that makes me miserable. Awesome.

The Wife did send me an awesome photo that she took with her phone to cheer me up. Check it…

Uncle Phil brought with him his latest homebrew. Liam’s Lager was brewed with yesterday in mind as its first drinkable day. It has been aged 154 days, or the same amount of time that Liam spent in the NICU. I will post pictures tomorrow of the bottled product as the labels contain a truly bitchin logo designed and drawn by Liam’s Aunt Jannah. (yeah that’s right, I use the term bitchin. deal with it.) The beer is delicious which didn’t surprise me, as all of my brother’s brews that I’ve tried have been good, but this one is fantastic. Karin loved it too and she is not the biggest beer fan in the world.

As far as Liam updates go there isn’t much to tell. He’s freaking awesome. Nuff said.

The Sandman series continues to be my only reading although I’m hoping to hit the library before Monday. I added a Goodreads widget to the right that will always show what I’m reading. I think the Goodreads site is fun but I don’t have enough friends to get recommendations from so if you know anyone on Goodreads let me know.

Its been linked to everywhere but this is a great interview with Cormac McCarthy about The Road as novel and movie. I loved this book. I read it on the plane ride to Chicago last year and had to stop to cry a number of times. The relationship between father and son hit me hard as I was expecting the birth of a son myself. Which is why I am conflicted about the upcoming movie. There is a big part of me that is excited to see Viggo in the role of the Man but I am terrified that it will fall completely flat and tarnish my view of the story itself. If its OK that’s one thing but if it truly falls flat will those images replace my vision of the great apocalyptic tale? Whatever — I haven’t seen a movie in the theater in over a year its pretty silly to think I’d start now. I have time to put this decision off. Just go read the book before you see the movie alright? Good.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I’m at home I don’t even notice the noise of Liam’s ventilator but when I’m anywhere else all I can notice is its absence. I don’t exactly miss it but I can’t help but notice its not there. Its hard to explain.

As I type this post the Foo Fighters have been playing on the VH1 Storytellers show. First of all, where do they get off being together for 15 years now?? 15 years? Damn I’m old. Anyway, how is it that I have not seen these guys live yet. Seems that they put on one hell of a good live performance. Damn these guys are good.

And now, sleep.