A Thank You and a Statement on the future of The Olson & Son Hopyard

I Originally posted this at the new Olsonandsonhopyard.com but the information is just as pertinent here. Karin and I also want to take this transition as an opportunity to recharge pressure support.com. New posts and possibly even new writers (hint hint) coming soon!

Olson & Son Hopyard

Over the past two days the photos have been coming in from people wearing their brand new Olson & Son Hopyard T-shirts. It makes me incredibly happy and proud to see. I’ll be sharing some of the photos in another post soon, but I, of course, need to begin this one by thanking each and every one of you who have supported us in so many different ways. Yes – thank you to every one of you who has bought a shirt online or a beer glass at our Father’s Day event, but also thank you to all of you who have shared our story, and even everyone who follows, comments, and likes us on Instagram and Twitter. Thank You. Your support of us is noticed and appreciated more than you know.

Thank You.

Let me also start by saying that I am very happy with how well the website

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