He just keeps proving them wrong. 

“I think you should focus on the time you have him with you now because we can’t really say for certain Liam will ever leave the hospital.” 

“Liam will mentally always be an infant, and won’t ever be able to communicate” 

“We might be at the point where we should discuss extubating from the ventilator and letting nature run its course.” ***

There are days that I wish we could track down some of the doctors that have crossed paths with Liam in the NICU and PICU just so that we could tell them “We told you so” 

Dropping this big boy off for his first day of the FIRST GRADE(!!!) this morning is definitely one of them. 


Happy first day of school to all of you students, parents, and teachers out there. 
****Yes, we once had a PICU Attending tell us this after only 48 hours of intubation when Liam was only 6 months old. He said this BEFORE WE EVEN DISCUSSED GETTING A TRACH! I’ve never come closer to punching someone in the face, and I’m thrilled to tell you he no longer works anywhere near here. I’d love to have a chat with him again now. 


  1. What an amazing feeling to be able to know they were wrong and you were right.Doctors mean well I think but they don’t think sometimes before they say those huge things to parents.
    I’m starting a podcast featuring special needs parents through my blog. I’d love to have you contribute. You can check out my blog to see my writing and eventually the first few episodes of the podcast. If you would be at all interested in being on it, email me.

  2. Liam has thrived because he has the amazing parents that he has…. lesser people would be straddled with a burden that is insurmountable the rest of their lives but you and Eric have been blessed with a beautiful boy that you care for with the utmost of care, enduring love and compassion. The doctor obviously didn’t know who he was talking to at the time!
    You all three rock!!!

  3. It’s weird how the urge to be vindicated slowly seeps away and you realize how little you care for what “they” thought —

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