This morning I woke up in a fancy convention center hotel room about a half hour north of Philadelphia after flying there yesterday. A few hours later I gave a speech to a national meeting of more than a hundred pediatric nursing directors for the home nursing company that provides Liam’s nursing. The entire time I was there I was treated like some kind of celebrity. Initially afraid that my speech seemed to focus too much on the negative aspects of home nursing, my speech was very well received and gave me even more reassurance that Liam’s story, our story, has value.

It was pretty awesome.

Still wasn’t the most awesome part of the last 48 hours though.

That distinction goes to visiting Liam at school yesterday morning, a few hours before my flight out of town, to see him use his walker again for the first time in almost four months. Kiddo exceeded everyone’s expectations.

You have never seen true determination until you have witnessed Liam walking down a hallway.


Before we could even strap him into the walker those legs started pumping and he chased me and his mom down the hallway about 50 feet.

I’m pretty proud of my speech, and the fact that I was even asked to address a national meeting of nursing company professionals, but seeing Liam walk again so well after fearing a big regression over the summer is cooler than anything I could have done the past few days.

It’s not even close.


  1. Awesome!!!! Are you still in town? We’re about 20 minutes east of Philly!! What a great experience for the nurses and for you. Seeing Liam walk is the icing on the cake, though!!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share Liam, and your families, story. Hearing about Liam’s strides has really reminded me why I love doing what I do every day. Thank you for sharing your families private moments with us and allowing us to be in your home!

  3. Thank you so much for speaking with us at our Pediatric Directors’ Forum yesterday. I was personally moved by your speech. Your strength and perseverance, and that of your wife and son, are nothing short of inspiring. Your pursuit of parenthood is something I can personally relate to as well, since my husband and I tried for eight years before our wonderful son was born, and he is my heart and my joy. Although it can be hard for those of us who choose this vocation to hear how we make mistakes and don’t always meet the needs/expectations of our clients, I hope you know that there are many of us who feel it is our mission to do whatever it takes to serve those who need us. We will never give up, and we appreciate the opportunity to do our best to help you. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary story of family with us.

  4. Clearly, you fuel one another! I look forward to one day going to a conference and hearing you speak. Then I want to go to your house, meet your beautiful wife and watch Liam walk in his walker. And then you’ll serve me one of your homemade beers.

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