Clam Alley at Christmastime

Many of you, my wonderful readers, are close family and friends and so are well aware that my dad is a pretty talented guy. A painter, an illustrator, a professor, but I think most important to him he is a potter. As hard as he works making beautiful pottery, he has neither the time or the patience to fiddle with a blog or twitter, constantly taking and uploading them, or messing with the settings of his Etsy shop.

So instead, Karin and I will take care of all of that stuff. This way he can make pottery and we can take pictures and videos. We can start a twitter account and maybe an instagram, and we can maintain his news blog and let you all know where you can get your hands on some of the finest hand-made pottery around.

If you would be so kind, please visit Clam Alley News. While you are there maybe leave a comment. It will let my dad know that increasing his online presence is a worthwhile endeavor. Over the course of the next month or so we’ll be adding things like informative videos, a whole new online store and other informative sections to a new website to give everyone a better idea of what Clam Alley Pottery is all about.

shallow detail

Thanks, and now that I’ve bragged about my dad I can get back to using this space to brag about Liam. Talk to you soon.


  1. Gosh, I thought I left a comment on here last night after I visited your father’s website. But it doesn’t look like I did or it didn’t go through. In any case, I was so impressed by his work and am thinking about making a purchase. I agree with you about creating and keeping up a website — his work is beautiful and more people should know about it. The photos of him working are wonderful, too.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Yeah dad is a pretty talented guy. I enjoy hanging out in the pottery with him and my camera since the light in there is phenomenal and every step in the process is so interesting.

      Thank you for visiting over there and for your continued support of my blogging here. I appreciate it.

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