Over on Twitter (@pressuresupport) and Instagram (Pressuresupport) Throwback Thursdays or #TBT is for posting pictures of yourself from the past. I don’t think I’ve ever taken part, but over the weekend I pulled out the old Nikon to take some photos for my dad and I found a memory card that I hadn’t used in close to five years. 


In the last few weeks of Liam’s five and a half month NICU stay we were allowed to book a “family room” for up to 12 hours to spend the day away from the nurses and the other patients of the bay system unit. We would invite family to visit so they could hold Liam away from the noise and stress of the bay. More often than not Karin and I would take turns taking naps with Liam in our arms. We would watch movies and take pictures and started learning what it was going to feel like being a family at home.


Here we are. Almost 5 years ago. The memory card was chock full of good shots so in the coming weeks leading up to Liam’s fifth I’ll throw back on Thursdays to a time of innocence. A time of naive confidence. A time without a single grey hair in my beard.


Looking back on these, even though we had already been through so much; we had no idea what we were in for.

Still don’t.


  1. Loved reading your updates on the hospital site and feeling connected while you were dealing with so much. Looking forward to more pictures.

  2. Almost five years…

    We’ve got that in common. Coming up on our five year mark rounding the corner into next year, was just talking to Jen about it the other day. Our stories, while having the commonality of us being two SN Dads blogging (well, I used to) about our kids and families and the struggles, are so very different.

    Thought about you more than usual when the Sox were beating the Cardinals. The Cardinals are the team my Mom and her husband root for. Funny that. And now we come to the next Pats/Ravens game, where I await yet another ass-kicking. Man, we just have no O-line. No O-line equals 4-6. All 6 of those losses, except for that first season Mile High Mauling, were by 3-6 point, mostly 3.

    And yeah, I think it would be cool if Liam drove a Zamboni.

  3. Your updates have been a phenomenal show of stamina, patience, perseverance, hope and endearment for Liam. Here we are 5 years into this precious life as well as yours and Karen’s. You are in our prayers daily and may God Bless all of you.
    Have a nice Thanksgiving

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