Easing back into it.


Sure, I could make excuses. I could tell you how tired we are. I could tell you how the day job has been busier than normal for the past few months. I could tell you how there really hasn’t been that much to blog about as we have been settled so deeply into our routine. But that wouldn’t exactly be accurate. It wouldn’t be the truth since, to be honest, so very much has happened. Let’s see,

  • School started and Liam has taken very well to being a full-time part of the classroom. He has a special relationship with his classmates and his full-time teacher is nothing short of wonderful.
  • Liam has started to reliably make choices using eye gaze including such things as picking out his clothes every morning.
  • Karin and I got to attend our first Open House at school, our own rite of passage we never thought we’d see. We had our latest and greatest IEP and everything that entails.
  • We started the ongoing process of breaking in a new night nurse in the hopes that someday when she works we’ll actually get to sleep for a full 8 hours.
  • I made two different beers using only the hops that I grew in my backyard that I told you all so much about.
  • And maybe most importantly, The Boston Red Sox won the World Series.

And that’s just the big stuff. That doesn’t even count all the little moments. All the little happenings that were probably worthy of their own blog posts. Making his pediatrician cry showing him a video of Liam in his walker. Being able to ask my parents to babysit for the first time in Liam’s life. Starting to plan for Liam’s FIFTH (!!!!!!!!!) birthday party (January 11th 2014. More details to come. Mark your calendars.  You are all welcome.)

Anyway, I obviously cannot be trusted to assure you that I will post more reliably now but at the very least this post will serve to break the seal. With the pressure of the first post back out-of-the-way I can get back to little updates more frequently.

Thank you all for hanging in there or coming back. I appreciate it. While not blogging I was also not reading or commenting on other blogs. I’ll work on that too.

In the meantime, things here are going well. I hope that all of you can say the same for where you are.



  1. Wonderful pictures. It sounds like a lot of progress has been made, especially with Liam’s eye-gazing. And the beer! And Liam’s classmates! And the Sox! I feel negligent for not congratulating you. So congratulations! To you and Karin, and to the Red Sox, and to Liam. It’s good to hear from you.

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