Catching up.


I posted this picture on Instagram and Twitter the other day with the caption 10pm. Instagram and Twitter is where I spend most of my online time, time obviously not spent blogging these days. An online friend on twitter who knows me more for my home brewing content than my special needs parenting content commented how crazy it was that we had so many medical supplies in the home. I laughed and relayed that Liam’s medical chest is nothing, he should see the spare room literally filled with feeding tube, suction, and ventilator supply, and that this was our normal. The “craziness” of medical supplies in our house had worn off long ago.

It got me thinking that maybe that was why I haven’t been blogging. The “crazy” stuff just hasn’t been happening very much. Which is a good thing. A very good thing. But I’ve never been very good with making the normal every day stuff very interesting. (That’s my friend Elizabeth’s game. In between posts about Great Big Things she manages to make the everyday things seem even more crucial and important.) Sure, a month-long hospital stay or a blizzard hits and I’m cranking out multiple 2500 word posts but make it through an entire summer without a hospital visit or not needing to give Liam Diastat or Versed to medically intervene with a seizure SINCE MAY(!!!!!!!) and boom! the posts just dry right up.

That, my friends, is what we call burying the lede.


School has started again and picking up right where he left off Liam has taken to it like a fish to water. Still young enough to only go half day (thank you very much December birthday) we moved him into the afternoon session since he is not a morning person at all  and that has proven to be the right choice. By all accounts from his nurse (who sent home the picture below last week) and teacher he is making friends and staying awake, alert and engaged for most of every day. An improvement from last year when the opposite was true.

In fact tomorrow is our very first Parent/ Teacher Night! I’m probably a bit more excited about this than I should be but anytime we get to enjoy those “normal” parenting things we relish it.  I can’t wait.


And in the meantime I made a pretty delicious beer.


Arnold Street Ale.

It’s a bit sweeter than I wanted it to be and the carbonation and head retention need some work, ( I know exactly what I need to do about both of these things and the next batch of this particular recipe will be better) but it’s the first beer that I wrote the recipe for and is also the first beer that 100% of the hops used were grown in my backyard. Hence the name. I may have been brewing for the last 2 years but this one felt like the first time and I love it.



  1. You’re sweet to mention me, and I always love to come here and read what ya’ll are up to. As for the hops and the beer, I wish that you lived closer so I could try some. I do love a good beer.

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