The Babysitters Club

It was only a few minutes. Barely half an hour as a matter of fact, but someone had to go get the pizza. So we took the long way across town, both of us, together. Without child.

No calling the nursing company scheduler, no need to involve the insurance company. No advanced degrees or scrubs anywhere. Just two grandparents watching their grandson while his parents left the house for a little while. It was the first time it’s ever happened.

There’s a few things left for them to learn and they still haven’t changed a trach all by themselves but my mom and dad have worked so very hard over the last 5 or 6 months to learn how to care for Liam so that they could babysit. Check out the picture that my mom sent us while we were gone, they don’t look nervous to me.

We won’t be hitting the cape for the weekend or even catching dinner and a movie just yet, but running cross-town for a couple of pizzas was a cool first step.



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