The cure for all that ails me.


In the grand scheme of things I guess, it’s just a lot of small stuff. Stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with special needs or complex medical issues. The stuff that we all have to deal with.


So I’m exhausted, and I’m stressed. The day job sucks and isn’t letting me have the time to do my own things. Things like writing for the blog, and tending to my gardens.

Don’t get me wrong there’s phenomenal things happening too. Things that lead me to believe there really is a future for me in something other than food service management, but which lead to the fear and stress over change. Fear of failure, and on some level a more distracting fear of success.

Like I said, . . . small stuff.

Because the big stuff is up there in that picture. In the space between our eyes. That space where all that stress and exhaustion just fade away.

I’ve been stuck at work until after Liam has fallen asleep for the past two weeks. It’s been a long two weeks.

Tonight I got home early enough to soak it all in for a while.

It was just what I needed and at a time when I really, really needed it.

Hope you had as pleasant an evening as I did.


  1. This is a short but quite loaded post here. Looking forward to hearing about the new stuff and glad you are able to have that beautifully captured big stuff moment. Praying an awesome summer for you, Liam, and Karin!

  2. Exhaustion and stress. I get that. And that big stuff, to others it might appear small, but for us, huge.

    Moments in our lives, like your, picture and other little snippets in time, they sustain us through the exhaustion and stress.

    Sending love from California.

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