Hoping for a short stay


Liam is in the hospital again. He is fighting some sort of bug off and, as is often the case with Liam, the first way he decided to show us he was sick was to have an abrupt and severe increase in seizure activity. So much so in fact that after intervention with three doses of one emergency med and a single dose of another, we were still unable to break a seizure that hit at about 4am. Long story short, the ambulance pulled away from our house carrying Liam and his mom on to the safety of the hospital at about 5am.

The seizures are broken now, and although his heart rate is still slightly elevated since there is some sort of bacteria in him, he looks and sounds great right now. Great enough that people keep walking around saying the H word! Right in front of Liam where he can hear them too! Karin and I are too seasoned to think that we will be leaving here in less than 24 hours but you never know, Liam is always surprising us so we’ll see.

Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday. Do me a favor and get some sleep. It’s times like these that remind me how important that it is.


    1. Thanks ken!

      Yeah, well he’s the boss and we’ll just have to stay as long as he needs.

      Hope things are going ok for you and your family.

      I’ll reach out soon to catch up when I get the chance. Talk to you soon.

  1. Praying for a speedy recovery for the big guy! Ryan almost had a ambulance ride last night too, they truly are connected aren’t they:)

    1. They really are connected. Hoping to get out of here soon. But in the mean time at least the movies in the rooms has The Avengers. Me and the boy watching that right now.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the awful seizures and the hospital time. Thoughts and light for a quick recovery. Glad to hear you have The Avengers to wait it out with.

  3. Oh sweet Liam, hospitals are no place for you. You need to be home and at school. Riding that cool little “bus” of yours. And lets not forget those 6pm walks. Got to get back to those evenings strolls as a family of three.. But I also subscribe to the mindset that not a minute too soon for being sprung, cuz going back, just not an option once your face hits the sunshine.

    Love from California.

  4. So sorry Liam is at the hospital and certainly for all the seizures that brought him there.We will be saying an extra Rosary for a speedy recovery and return to home Love you all Grandmama & Grandpa Andy

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