Never a dull moment.


I didn’t even hear the bang. Or if I did I just thought it was the cats knocking something over or jumping off a table so I don’t even know how long she was sitting there. The drunk neighbor who missed the road by about oh, 25 feet and instead decided to drive right into my front yard.

Everyone is fine. Well, everyone here is fine, your guess is as good as mine on her condition right now. She wasn’t looking very good when the cops put the cuffs on her and tucked her into the back of a squad car. Not injured from the crash at all, she couldn’t have been going that fast, I would have to say though that she’s probably had better nights.

The tow truck was quick and by 4:15am all the excitement was over, leaving a house full of wide awake Olsons, which wouldn’t have bothered me in the least had it not been my weekend to work.

Had she been heading a few feet over in either direction she would have slammed into Liam’s van on one side or torn Liam’s ramp clear off the house on the other. It could have been so much worse. Fixing a fence post and possibly losing one of my rose of sharon plants is actually the best case scenario. Well, aside from not having my property driven into by a drunk driver of course.

So anyway, that happened. It’s always an adventure around here I tell you. Now I have to go finish start writing another speech. I’ll tell you all about why soon.


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