We got new phones. Our old phones started acting wonky enough that it was becoming imperative, so we splurged. For what it’s worth, we went with iphones and that decision for me was totally based solely on the quality of the camera. I’m glad that I did. Not only for the quality of the camera itself but the ease with which I can edit those photos in my phone.

They arrived just in time for Liam’s hospital stay which ended about an hour and a half ago. It may sound silly but playing with a new gadget like this is exactly the right kind of activity to pass the time by Liam’s bedside.


The hospital stay was planned. A routine bronchoscopy brought us in but we figured why not use the opportunity to take care of a few other things so Karin coordinated a neuro consult to adjust his seizure meds and an ultrasound for hematology to check on that thrombosis from last year piggybacked on top of the vent assessment that was keeping us there for 24 hours anyway.

The blood clot is completely gone, we’ve got a new schedule and a slight weight adjustment to his seizure meds, and while we didn’t need to make any vent changes (we did that about 6 weeks ago) we were able to confirm some fantastic blood gases overnight. In that time I played with my new phone and got comfortable enough with it to be able to shoot, edit, and post photos right here onto the old blog.

So, you know, productive trip.


One comment

  1. So glad to hear that Liam is home and the hospital stay was very productive.
    Love you all, grandmamma & grandpa Andy

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