Fighting Nemo: The Blizzard of 2013 part IV — The Things we Carried.

1 Adorable 4-year-old boy
1 LTV-900 ventilator
1 Lithium rechargeable battery
1 Portable liquid oxygen tank
1 Pulse Oximeter
1 Portable Suction Rig
Go Bag   —  spare trachs, spare ventilator circuit, ambu bag, nasal versed, gloves, surgi-lube, syringes, sterile water.

Liam’s Backpack
10 5ml syringes, 20 10ml syringes, 10 20ml syringes
All of Liam’s meds (not going to list them all but not knowing when we would make it home again we had to grab EVERYTHING)
Spare G-tube Mic-key button and extension.
2×2 fenestrated sponges.
4×4 fenestrated sponges.
Spare pulse oximeter probe
5 Feeding Pump bags
6 cans of formula
5 Facecloths for catching drool

My Backpack
Charging chord for suction rig
A/C plug for LTV ventilator
A/C charging cord for ventilator Lithium Battery
A/C charging cord for feeding pump
A/C charging cord for pulse oximeter
Additional Spare circuit for the ventilator
2 more cans of formula
1 cell phone charger
My kindle eReader
Karin’s kindle eReader

Miscellaneous Bag (one of those nylon reusable grocery store bags)
1 cell phone charger
4 changes of clothes for Liam
1 feeding pump
2 child sized blankets
5 onesies
2 sets of pajamas

In the Back of the Van
1 case of 24 cans of formula
1 case of 128 diapers
1 case of 100 suction catheters

From house to van. Van to hospital, Hospital to a different hospital. Ultimately to home. Aside from the clothes on our backs, this is everything we carried. In other words, we thought enough about how long we’d be away from home to pack up our kindles but apparently Karin and I never once thought about changing our own clothes, brushing our own teeth, dealing with our own needs. It was never very cozy at all, but at least Liam was warm.



Listen folks, I know that this blizzard is old news and as I type this a warm driving rain is trying its hardest to erase any evidence from my yard. With the whole thing happening almost two weeks ago, telling this story my way has become more about me (setting/reaching a goal, finishing what I start) than it has to do with you (reading what may ultimately be a boring conclusion to a mediocre story) I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it up in just one more part. Thanks for hanging in there.


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