Blizzard Interlude

I know I promised you the first part of the story tonight. I just didn’t get it started finished yet.  Instead I had a really pleasant, productive, and yet somehow relaxing day off of work. The first since before the storm. Liam’s night nurse has arrived (also a first since before the storm) and a full night of sleep is just what this family needs. Don’t worry, I’m not going to lose my steam on this story so you will all have to indulge me for the next week or so.

As a reward for your patience here are a few pictures of yours truly from the Blizzard of 78. After finally losing heat in addition to power my Mom and I went to hunker down at my Nan and Grampa’s house. My Auntie Carol took these while we were there. She sent them to me this morning after reading my post from last night.


Thank you so much Auntie Carol! And while I don’t need to borrow it to take my picture next to it again, A picture of Liam and Kermit would no doubt be pretty adorable.



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