The First Post Back

So let’s just recap a few things first here,

I got to be on the radio, and then on TV.

I got to make a movie.

I got to walk around on the field at Fenway Park before meeting Terry Francona!

I’ve made friendships, real friendships with people from California, Ohio, North Carolina, California. As far as The United Kingdom and as close as Massachusetts to name only a few and, just as nice as making new friends is, as recently as last week I reconnected with a high school friend I haven’t talked to in 17 years.

Even in just the last month I have received emails from three parents of kids of all types of special needs, thanking me for sharing Liam’s story because it has helped them with their own. (I am absolutely humbled and touched by every single one of you.  Thank you all so much.)

And none of it, None of those things would have ever happened had I not grabbed onto Liam’s coattails and exploited his strength and character by starting this blog to tell our story to the world.

So why then have I only posted twice in the entire month of January? I’m not being rhetorical. I’m genuinely asking, please, if any of you have any idea what happened to my blogging or have seen it anywhere, please send it home or at least let me know. All those nice things happening was great and I’d like it to continue.

I suppose if I had accomplished some sort of monumental achievement or goal during the month I could point to it and say “Hey, get off my back I did this great and awesome thing.” But guess what? Yep. Good guess, I got nothing. Nothing but some rest, and some reading done, and a sense of guilt and dread whenever I get online and realize that yes all of those wonderful friends up there in that list have blog posts up that I haven’t read yet or commented on. More than a few.

I’ve been writing. Er, well I’ve been trying to write, and the last time I sat down to write a blog post the piece decided to digress into something different. Something longer. Something not quite right for a blog. Other ideas sit as drafts half-baked and unfinished, the longer I went without posting the more pressure I put on myself that the first post back had to be The First Post Back. And on and on it goes until I realize the damn groundhog came out and a whole month has slipped by.

So here it is. The First Post Back. now that it’s out-of-the-way I can get back to writing about what’s really important again. Like my kid pooping in his class and how Karin and I never get any sleep.

Thanks for sticking around.


  1. I see no reason for you to feel bad. I am now at OVER TWO months, and have no real explanation or reason. Even wondering about giving it up totally. At least you have done two this month. Be PROUD!

  2. Maybe you were being a nuclear Family; you know, Life. The language really has no words for that; at least in blog fashion.

    That being said; We all crave whatever you post. You’ve called it Liam’s coat tails and I can’t argue. I prefer to look at it, though, as a gift from the 3 of you to the rest of us and you happen to be the one who makes it public.

    Tutte Benne

  3. Yeah! I need my poop stories!

    Heh heh. I’ve been writing stuff that isn’t quite right for blogging lately, too. Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere. Write your other stuff, and when you feel like blogging more often again, I’ll be here.

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