And The Walking Boy Walks

On Twitter last night I made fun of myself a bit for being too lazy to post here. I have been writing, I just haven’t been happy enough with anything that I felt I could post it here. With today being my day off I had high hopes that I would get some writing done today and was confident that I would polish something enough to post. I suppose that there’s a chance I still might.

But instead, and only because how could I NOT post this, I have to share a photo.


Liam has been reluctant to work in his walker lately. In fact on the way home from school today Karin and I realized that Liam hasn’t had a good day in his walker since before the month-long hospital stay last fall. Don’t get me wrong, he’s worked hard all school year but he had so much physical therapy to catch up on that he simply didn’t have the strength.

There’s nothing better than having a day off of work on any of Liam’s school days. Then I get to pick him up and participate in his therapies. He may have been holding his Mom’s hand in the picture above, but he was also walking towards something today.


His Dad.


  1. No offense, but who needs a post when we can get some pictures of Liam! I hope you know I’m joking — I’m always so happy to see Pressure Support at the top of my blogroll, signifying a new post!

  2. What a great picture!! Good work Liam. It brought tears to my eyes like Auntie Donna wrote. Good tears though. You and Karin must have been about ready to bust with joy and pride. Keep up the good work Liam. Love to all.

  3. Oh, how sweet. Go Liam! I know what you mean about feeling things aren’t good enough to post. I read this article by a blogger on Salon the other day, in which the blogger decided he’d rather be brave than be “good”. Or maybe “perfect”. I thought I’d try to be with him on that one.

  4. Been silently following your blog. Have a little one who suffered a brainstem bleed at 2mo. Now he’s 8mo and is hypotonic amongst other things. Seeing this lifts my spirit. Not just because it’s a testimony of the impossible being possible, but it’s the sheer love that’s shining through. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for reading and thank you even more for breaking your silence and commenting. It’s comments like yours that remind me why I started blogging in the first place and it couldn’t have come at a better time. All my best to you and your son. As a great blogger and friend of this blog Heather from Little Wonders often says — Everything is possible, impossible just takes longer.

      Again, Thank you.

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