Our holiday in pictures.


And the hustle and bustle of the holidays end and we fall into old routines or embrace new beginnings. I haven’t made any resolutions for the coming year but I have set some goals. I’ll keep the details to myself but suffice it to say that if I follow through on some of them the results will be seen here.

And so as I so often do when I return from a long hiatus I will ease the pressure to write anything worth reading I will dazzle you with photos of my boy and our adventures.

And adventures we did have.


On Christmas Eve we packed up the van and headed down the storied Connecticut Turnpike for a holiday celebration that’s been a long time in coming. Karin was able to spend Christmas with her own parents for the first time in 5 years. Liam was able to see his Grammy and Opa on Christmas for the first time in his life. The Olson’s were heading to Jersey!

The ride was uneventful. Just as we had hoped it would be, and as we crested a hill and passed the sign marking our entrance to Wanaque New Jersey, our destination, the first flakes of our white Christmas hit our windshield. Like magic.


Christmas day was filled with visits and meetings with relatives not seen in years. Stuffed with good food, good drink, and great conversation my in-laws brand new house felt like home even though it was our first ever visit there.


Liam was incredible. Well behaved and happy he stayed awake and engaged for almost all of the festivities. We asked so much of him between the long car rides and the overstimulation of a new environment and meeting so many new people I was amazed at how well he responded.


He even got to sleep in a big boy bed. I’m talking really big boy, like king sized. A kid could get lost in a bed like that.


The return trip would be the afternoon of the 26th, Liam’s fourth birthday. He had breakfast with his Grammy and Opa in the morning and had dinner and birthday cake with his Meme and Grampa, he’s a pretty lucky 4-year-old. Over those 48 hours he also saw his 4 Great Grandparents as well!


Before Karin and I even knew what was happening an impromptu birthday party broke out as aunts and uncles and cousins from all over began stopping by to wish Liam a happy birthday. Since we had been away for a few days and had returned home from NJ less than an hour before all we could offer our gracious guests was tap water and a small cake my mother baked for Liam but no one seemed to care. We hooted and hollered and filled the house with laughter for a while.

We don’t have candles in our house, we have oxygen tanks instead. But on Liam’s birthday we throw caution to the wind and light a few because every child should have candles on their birthday cake. We turn the supplemental oxygen off and even pop off Liam’s circuit and point the tube at his cake so that Liam’s vent “blows” out his candles. We’re a little weird that way.


So that was our Christmas Eve, Christmas, and Liam’s birthday in three crazy days and over three hundred miles of travelling. It was wonderful. If I had the energy I’d try to wrap it all into some neat little narrative package. But I don’t so I’ll let the pictures try to do that.



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