Night Shift

I’m generally not the guy to post news, be it good or bad, as it happens. It took me a week to post about taking Liam onto the field at Fenway before his first game there, a truly life changing moment, so the timing of this post alone should explain its importance.

In only minutes Liam’s new night nurse will arrive for her first overnight shift. She has trained here with Liam and his daytime nurse for 30 hours and so, she is comfortable with us. She seems competent and confident, she is gentle and sweet with Liam and even talks to him (which you would think wouldn’t make her special when it comes to nurses but we’ve found that not to be the case). She seems to be happy to work nights and has given no indication that this is just a placeholder job until something better comes along (also a common theme found in overnight nursing). In other words, she was sent from above.

September 4th. The last time I went to bed before 4am. The last time Karin was able to sleep past 4am. The last time we slept in the same room. In only minutes it will come to an end and we can take a deep breathe and get some rest. So it’s going to be pretty funny when neither of us get any sleep at all. It will take a while until we get used to trusting someone new to take care of Liam without either one of us. Even if it is overnight.

Get some sleep out there folks. I know we are going to try.


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