For Liam’s vent, because nothing will work better at ensuring that Karin, Liam and I will be home in time to see the kickoff of the Patriot’s game after Thanksgiving dinner better than the phrase “aww shucks, looks like we’re almost out of battery power.”

For Liam’s pulse oximeter, because watching him fake that he’s asleep when he gets overwhelmed seeing all his relatives at once is one of the more adorable things you’ll see. Watching his behavior and how it correlates to his heart rate just proves just how impressive an actor Liam is.

For cell phone cameras and nurses who enjoy playing dress-up at school.


For the superhero in my life who inspires, amazes, and strengthens me more and more each day.


For family


For all the little things that make our life our life. It may not be perfect but there’s a whole lot more than just this list within it for me to be thankful for. It’s nice to take a moment and remember what they are.

I hope you spend the day finding joy in the things you are thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. And Happy Thanksgiving to you Eric and your beautiful little family unit!

    * Glad the package arrived safe and sound. Put that to good use this weekend. Snuggle up and relax. The best you are able.

  2. I am thankful for my FIRST and oldest nephew, who shares with us the little moments of his family’s life that we might otherwise not know about. Happy Thanksgiving! from Auntie

  3. I feel bad that I missed a few of your posts — probably due to the fact that my parents visited for more than a week and were sleeping in my room (where I write, too!). In any case, I’ve enjoyed catching up and am thankful that we’ve gotten to know one another, a bit, on these here internets. Your Liam is the sweetest — and so are you and your lovely wife. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

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