A quick wave

Set adrift in a fog of exhaustion and cold medicine I’m struggling to find interesting blog topics. The day to day just seems so day to day, and it is tiresome to constantly write about seizures, sickness and shots. Always with this guy it’s the seizures, sickness, and shots.

Until now. Because after a summer of seizures, sickness and shots, now we have …


Mmmmmmmm, I don’t even like eating squash but I do so love growing them. Got a favorite recipe for a soup or a secret ingredient we should use when cooking these bad boys? Drop me a line in the comments.

Aside from a lonely little bell pepper just about large enough to pick, my garden has borne all of its fruit, and after harvests of gooseberries (which will be used in beer)and three different varieties of Hops (well, duh),  along with zucchini, a couple types of peppers, tomatoes, of course, and my awesome squash, 2012 was an awesome year for gardening in my yard.

Of course with the squash comes the fall and since my beloved Red Sox decided not to even field a team this year (through selective memory that is how I will remember the 2012 baseball season so if you see me just play along ok?) Liam and I, as you can see, begin to focus our attention to the Patriots 2012 season.

Go Pats!

And so there you have it – a nice quick post to say hello. This way tonight, trying to sleep, when I normally beat myself up about NOT posting nearly as often as I should, I can say “Shut-Up and go to sleep, jerk! I posted today!”

I didn’t even talk about seizures, sickness or shots this time.

Just Squash.


  1. We use fish sauce in roasting and stir fry with b’nut. Judi uses a “Cooking light” recipie for lasagna. It’ll take some time for hard copy, you may find it faster online

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