Starting Again

Intimidated by the daunting task of summarizing the last 6 or 7 weeks, I’ve avoided the computer for almost two weeks. I haven’t been writing for this blog but worse yet was the fact that I haven’t been reading any of your blogs. I’d been twittering a bit and the occasional photo on instagram but those are both things that I can do on my phone. The pressure, the guilt, the usual fear of sounding like a fool, and probably most of all, that feeling of isolation that can surround a family with a child of special needs (especially during and after a long hospital stay) made even the idea of firing up the old blogging dashboard and sharing the whole stressful ordeal seem too insurmountable a job. I wanted to blog again, I swear.

I just got stuck figuring out where to start.

Until tonight. Until I finally scrounged up the courage to fire up the old laptop and make the rounds of my usual blog haunts to find that I had missed out on the release of something wonderful. Something beautiful.

Something to remind me that we are not alone at all, and that telling our story is a worthwhile endeavor.

Something to give me a place to start again.

Please, please, please take just a moment to watch Elizabeth’s wonderful movie and then link back to her blog here and share it with anyone and everyone you know who may be touched by a special needs parent in any way.

I know many of those faces in that movie even if we’ve never met. We have grown to know each other through writing these pages and posts as if to each other and sending them out there into the world to see who they find.

They always seem to find exactly who they need to somehow, which is exactly why I need to keep putting my own out there.

Thank you so much Elizabeth for taking the time and care to make such a wonderful thing, and for reminding me that we are not in this alone, that there will always be people who understand.

Thank you for giving me the kick in the pants to put things out there again.

A new place to start.


  1. Glad you are back, understand the break though. I always look forward to seeing the pictures of your beautiful son and reading your posts. Your love for your wife and son is so evident in your words as well as the agony and joy of having a child with special needs. Very glad Liam is home. I think of your family often.

  2. Eric I am so happy you are back to blogging. We are always thinkiing and praying for all of you. Hope Liam is getting better every day. Love you, Grandmama& Grandpa Andy

  3. When I’m not able to face the keyboard I know it’s time for a gratitude list. I take a moment and write a blog filled with all my blessings. Works every time.

    Keep writing dude. It’s the best therapy available and it’s the cheapest.


  4. As we were taught to say at the Ritz Carlton when I worked there in another lifetime, “My pleasure. ”

    Keep writing your story of your beautiful boy. And give yourself a break. Thank you.

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