Thank You for Thinking of Us, Now Stay Away.


As you can see we are all very excited that Liam is home.

Yes, we are all at home now and we are going to savor this time. When I come home from work tomorrow night I will raise the drawbridge behind me. Release the gators into the moat and begin a weekend of family time in a sublime little bubble of privacy. No nurses, no doctors, no visitors or well wishers, no unit assistants to fill the med-cart, no family, no friends, no case managers with “just one more thing…” It will be me, my wife, and my boy in our home.

If I owe you an email, a tweet, or a blog post explaining how a 3-5 day hospital stay to start the ketogenic diet can turn into a 35 day PICU stay containing some of our scariest moments, I’ll get to it next week. (maybe) but for the next three days I will be a little boy’s father and not a patient’s parent.

Thank you, thank you, thank each and every one of you for reading the blog and sending all of the kind thoughts, comments, instagram and facebook likes, emails, tweets and texts of support and congratulations. Feel free to keep them coming because they all make us smile and it always helps to know how many people are pulling for us. You all have helped us get through the last month and I know many of you are pretty excited that we are at home now and for that I thank you again.

I’ll talk to you all sometime next week.


  1. What a happy day for you all. Now we can say prayers of thanksging for Liam’s homecoming. Love you, Grandmama& Grandpa Andy

  2. You know what solves this right? You have to take the Facebook plunge. That way you make a status update and call it a day/night/week/whatever. You then get all the people who have a need for urgent info updates satisfied and purge the guilt over not having updated a blog, further dodging any difficulty in ‘crafting’ something that you consider worthy of a full post.

    Get in. Get it done. Get out. Simple and effective. And I say FB instead of Twitter so you can have some pics if need be and such.

    Food? For Thought. Glad you are home.

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