Here and Back Again

14 hours.

Time enough to make our first batch of ketogenic formula. Time enough to check his glucose and ketone levels on our own, twice. Time enough for Liam’s cats, Linus and Calvin, to forgive us for leaving them essentially home alone for a week.

14 hours.

Time enough for the diarrhea to set in.  Time enough for the fever to spike. Time enough for the bacteria picked up in the hospital to infect his bloodstream and start giving him sepsis.

14 hours.

It was a nice break while it lasted, but here we are back again.

Oh and that thing I mentioned last week about the fear of bringing a healthy kid into the hospital? Yeah, that. No guilt here about that, no-siree.


  1. Oh my gosh Eric. I have been SO out of the loop in keeping up with, or in this case NOT keeping up, with those I care about. Sorry I have missed all this with your precious little guy. Truly sorry.

    Sending love and light and hope and prayers for a quick turn around and a fast pass home.

    Healing kisses to Liam from California.

  2. Positive, healing thoughts and prayers for Liam, Daddy and Mommy. The cards we are dealt… at times it seems so freaking unfair but you guys are definitely ‘glass half full-type’ people and I know you will pull another rabbit out of the hat. This is so tough for little Liam, he is definitely a trooper, as are all the Olsons, God bless.

  3. Talked to your Mom and am sending positive energy love and prayers your way. Hope little Liam is on the mend soon!

  4. We are so sorry for this terrible set-back for Liam. Know that we are praying up a storm. so that this too will pass.and Master Liam will rebound very soon. All our love,Grandmama & Grandpa Andy

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