And the Rocket’s Red Glare. Happy Independence Day

In my earliest Independence Day memories my family would walk down the street to Sabin Point Park for the enormous, unsanctioned, and tremendously unsafe neighborhood bonfire. Bottle rockets zipping around all over the place while all the kids waved around sparklers. It was loud, it was dangerous and it was FREAKING AWESOME.

But as much fun as 6-year-old me thought that running around dodging bottle rockets near an enormous fire was, Mom would have none of it and so after a couple of years the remainder of my childhood 4th of July’s would instead involve professional fireworks displays put on at the local minor league baseball stadium or here in town after an oldies band of course (even when some traitor decided it was ok to start doing all the fireworks on the 3rd. Or no, no let’s do it on the weekend, Yeah it will still ring true on the 6th, right?? aargh, Don’t get me started…). So growing up, I seldom got the chance to partake in the american tradition of blowing stuff up for the 4th.

But I still remember that thrill of seeing my dad lighting off fireworks at Sabin Point Park.

With fireworks being legal this year here in Rhode Island and the whole neighborhood being covered in a dense layer of colored gunpowder smoke for the past three nights how could I deny that kind of fun to Liam?

So just after dark and safely across the street from my house in a huge empty parking lot behind the closed and empty school, Karin and I took my boy out to blow some stuff up.

It was so much more fun than I ever thought that it could be.

I will of course mention that the entire thing was done safely. We left the oxygen tank inside, and the fireworks I purchased were a ground firing type producing a tower of sparks and colors only about 10 to 15 feet high but over a minute or two instead of the rocket type which fire into the sky. These ground bursts were so much better for Liam to focus on and process that he was enthralled with every one of them. Seeing him wave his arms and kick his legs as the sparks started to fly was beyond incredible.

Now I’m hooked.

I didn’t buy enough.

So next year? Oh next year is going to be a blast!

If you are reading this from the USA then I hope you had a great 4th. If you’re not then I hope you had a great Wednesday.

I know I did.


  1. So glad you had a wonderful 4th with your little guy. The word “incredible” says it all.

    Miss Zoey has some definite sensory issues and although she has come a long way, even this year, was a no go. We gave it a shot. We walked out our front door and had a picture perfect view of the display being set off at our local high school, but she was so not into it. We headed back inside and turned on PBS Live from the Capitol and that, that was more her speed. Not the fireworks but the cheesy signing and marching bands and so on. She clapped and smiled and wanted be to put her right up t the TV and for me, that was incredible.

    Be well, you and yoour beautiful little crew.

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