It’s Constitutional

The first and only time I steered the USS Pressuresupport into the choppy waters of political posting was on March 22nd 2010. The United States House of Representatives had only minutes before voted to approve The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and send it to the President for his signature. Yesterday the United States Supreme Court ruled with a 5-4 majority to uphold that law.

For the past two nights I’ve been trying to condense my feelings on this decision into a blog post but it was getting a bit unwieldy (is that a word? I think so.) so instead of the 5,000 word rambling mess I wrote that reads more like a manifesto then a blog and now lives as a .txt file on my desktop I’ll keep it short and simple.

I am extremely happy with this court’s decision. I’m also surprised by it.

Good on you SCOTUS. You did the right thing for millions of people in need, myself and more importantly my son included. For now, I no longer have to lose sleep about the phrases “pre-existing condition” and “lifetime benefits cap” anymore.

And believe me when I tell you that I have lost A LOT OF SLEEP because of those phrases.

Sleep that I’m going to go catch up on now.

Editors Note: Given today’s political climate I’m sure that not every person who happens to read this blog will agree with me on this, and I have read enough comment sections to know that pretty much any article or blog post that mentions this topic will attract people googling it to rant and rave about how wrong the other side is. Because of that let me mention a few things. This is an issue I take personally. Very personally. If you want to calmly and with respect to others argue your opposing position using facts and logic? Great! I’m cool with responding and maybe we can even have a great discussion, like I said up top I actually have too much to say about this. If instead you want to shout in all caps about the KENYAN SOCIALIST RAISING TAXES AND TAKING AWAY OUR FREEDOMS!!!! then I’m probably going to just delete the comment. My house = my rules. Don’t like it? You can start your own blog. I’m going to bed.



  1. Sleep well. As will I. Say a mother to a child who has reached 2.5 million towards her lifetime cap amount …. and she is only 5. And lets not even talk about pre-existing conditions. For her or for me.

    Best to you and yours Eric.

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