Stealing from Me.

Maybe they thought that I would be flattered and not do anything about it, or maybe they just thought that I would never find out, but a medical equipment company called Health Connection has stolen from me. They have stolen my words and photographs (even though they are watermarked with the web address of this site) of Liam.

The post in question is called Changing the Game. I wrote it in January. And here is the Active Life post that was posted just this past Thursday.[if you really want to see the blatant theft go ahead but I almost didn’t even post the link. Why send them any page views at all. hopefully it will be a broken link soon. I have already saved the screenshots anyway In case I need them for some reason.][UPDATE: It’s a broken link now. see below]

Someone who identifies themselves only as “admin” for a WordPress blog called ‘An Active Life’ connected to this company Health Connection has taken an entire post and then re-posted it as their own.  They didn’t even change the name of the post, but under the title instead of saying written by Eric W. Olson it says written by “admin”.  There is, at the very bottom of the page, a note that says “Article source” with a link back to my page but that couldn’t be more hidden if they tried which they did, and it doesn’t include my name or the name of this blog just the html for the post they stole.

Article Source? Article fucking source??!!! Whoever you are — you didn’t get inspired by my post and go write your own essay on the same topic. You didn’t use my site as some sort of research material. Hell, you didn’t even mention my name. You saw my work thought that it was pretty good and passed it off as your own. That’s stealing plain and simple. There is a reason that at the bottom of this page it reads All content Copyright Eric W. Olson 2009-2012 unless otherwise noted.

Hey “Admin”, you must read my blog since you found the post in the first place so now I’ll just speak directly to you since there is no way on your blog to contact you other than the 1-800 number given to presumably sell me medical supplies, and a twitter page that hasn’t been touched in a month. (There is a link to a facebook page but I don’t do the whole facebook thing. if anyone wants to go to their facebook and yell at them for me that’d be nice but it’s not necessary)

Here’s the thing, you could have written that you read a cool blog post about a family’s experience with a medical supply company and excerpted a couple of paragraphs and then linked back to my blog and we’d have no problem. You’d still get to relay the information that you wanted to, your audience (if you have one) would get to appreciate the story, and I’d maybe get a few clicks or comments out of the deal. Everybody wins. You see, that’s how this whole sharing on the internet thing works. I post content that you enjoy, and you share it by linking back to MY SITE. Instead you took what I made. You took the work that I put into that post.

You stole from me.

It is not hard to prove that I wrote and posted that essay on January 24, 2012 and then you posted the exact same essay and photographs except this time written by “admin”  on May 17, 2012. you didn’t give me credit and you didn’t ask my permission.

Now that I’ve gone on long enough about what you DID.  Now we’ll talk about what you need TO DO NOW.

Take it down.

I don’t want to be paid and I don’t want any traffic you may link to my site.  I want you to take down the work that you stole from me and stop stealing work from bloggers like me and the blogger who alerted me to your theft, Anne C. Woodlen. [Thank you so much Anne.]

Take it down.

You do not deserve to have pictures of my adorable son on your site. You obviously have no respect for creators of content. I am hoping that it’s because you are using up all of your respect for the patients who need your medical supply products but somehow I doubt it.

Take it down NOW.

If I need to I will pursue more serious professional and legal avenues to ensure that my content is removed from your site. Please don’t make me do that.



What pisses me off the most right at this moment is the fact that I am very proud of my last post both for what I wrote and for what my wonderful son did, and I had hoped that it would stay prominently displayed at the top of my blog for a few days . Now this spot has to be wasted by this foolishness. Thanks a bunch.

[Update at 10:20am Monday May 21, 2012: 8 hours after posting this blog the stolen post is now gone and leads to a 404 not found blank screen.  Thank you An Active Life for doing the right thing. ]


  1. What a load of bastards. I just googled a phrase from the next entry and yep – also lifted from a blog without so much as a by-your-leave.

    Despicable behaviour. I’m glad to see that your blog has gone from there now.

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