My Little Walkin’ Man.

Baby steps.

He was never supposed to take any.

Low muscle tone. Lissencephaly. Global delay. Seizures of multiple types constantly racking his brain. A three foot circuit (plastic tube) anchoring him to a 20lb ventilator. Liam was never supposed to be able to walk.

Were you a casual acquantance, If you had told me 3 years ago that Liam would walk I would have clumsily said “..uhm well… maybe some day, uh, we don’t really know what he’ll be able to…do.” and then hid somewhere to cry a little about all the things I would never get to see my son accomplish.

If you had told me 2 years ago that Liam would walk I would have said, “Well, we’ll see.” and then quickly changed the subject while thinking to myself, you don’t know that it’s just not possible that Liam will ever walk and you look so happy asking about him I don’t want to bum you out. Then I’d just show you a picture on my phone and we’d move on to talking about how cute he is.

If you’d told me a year ago that Liam would walk I’d happily explain almost every detail of the medical challenges listed above and let you know that Liam will never be able to walk but that was ok. He was my big boy and really all I ask of him is for an occasional smile when I come home from work at night. I’d answer any and all questions without any embarrassment, worry, or uneasiness. trying to convey that, yes I know my son won’t ever walk and so should you. I don’t worry about it anymore and neither should you.

If you had told me 1 month ago that Liam would walk I’d have shown you a video of his first steps(!!!!) tempering your excitment by explaining that Liam will never be able to even stand without the support of his standing equipment and walking was only possible with significant assistance of his physical therapist. No sense in getting anyone’s hopes up that after a few steps in school Liam would be running around causing trouble. After all, a month ago I still thought it impossible.

But that was a whole month ago.

That was a month before this.

That was before I knew that they made walkers that could fully support the body of a little boy with low muscle tone.


Well today I am AGAIN reminded that nothing is impossible with this boy.  If I ever tell you anything that includes the words “Liam” and “can’t” in the same sentence you have my permission to slap me and remind me of the important word that sentence is missing…


I’ll talk to you later.


  1. Oh man!!!!!!!!! That is so uplifting, so proud of him and you too! Can’t wait until Ryan get’s one of those bad boys, I’ve been asking about one for a while now.

    Have a great day bud!

  2. I have had this quote on my blog since I started writing 4 years ago. Found it on another blog during some dark days. Thought it was appropriate to pass along to you today. We have adopted it and it is now one of our long standing mantras: “Everything is possible ….. the impossible just takes a little longer.”

    Magic Mr. Liam. That is what you are.

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