My Giraffe Friend

Today was a Monday like any other and since Liam’s night nurse just arrived I have neither the energy nor the inclination to try to write a full blog post.

BUT, I have posted a blog three days in a row and I was hoping to keep that trend going strong. Even if it is only a few old photos.

So here you go, three old photos of a particularly personable and photogenic giraffe from my photography days before Liam was born. Karin and I have always loved zoos, even more so now that we can bring Liam, but we have always gone to zoos whenever we could.

These are from a particularly meaningful zoo visit (a long story I don’t care to go into right now) and this guy wanted to be friends. I had a telephoto lens on the camera sure, but I didn’t really need it as this guy seemed to follow me around mugging for the camera. It was a pretty cool moment.

Night all.

I’ll talk to you later.


  1. Very nice photos Eric. It reminded me of an experience I had at Busch Gardens in Tampa, FL. Brian and I spent several hours one morning watching the animals in the “nursery”. One of the babies that I will always remember was a giraffe. He was exactly my height and our faces touched several times. He was fitted with leg braces because he was having difficulties supporting his body weight. He would allow us to pet him for prolonged times, and then he would suddenly break into a quick gallop, only to return to us just as quickly. Who knows,.. maybe that’s him all grown up?

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