Mother’s Day 2012

I am basking in the soreness and exhaustion of a weekend spent doing yard work and trying to help Liam pamper his mama for Mother’s Day, both of which were rewarding and worthwhile endeavors. I’m feeling pretty good right now despite the pain and fatigue.

When I told Liam last night that his mom wouldn’t be coming down in the middle of the night but instead would be getting a full night’s sleep for Mother’s Day he apparently took that to mean that it was slumber party time! “Let’s stay awake and chat from about 4am to 6:30am Dad!” Of course all that hanging out with dad made for a very sleepy boy throughout the day with his Mom.

I spent more hours working in the yard this weekend than I have in months and it was a wonderful feeling. The plans that I made for plants three years ago when I planted them are really filling out this spring and last year’s addition of a small hopyard (with three different varieties) for my home brewing should bear fruit this year. It feels good to be this sore.

If you are a Mother, hope to be a Mother, are trying to become a mother, or are a mother who has suffered a loss I hope you had as nice a day as you could today. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day weren’t always happy days for Karin and I. We now make sure to use these days to stop and truly celebrate how lucky the three of us are to be a family.

Happy Mother’s Day.

I’m going to bed.

I’ll talk to you soon.


  1. Hope Karin had a beautiful day with her beautiful little family of three. I am certain she did.

    You know, every time I read a post from you, I leave with the the same feeling and that feeling is … what an amazing team you are, you and Karin together and that, that is a truly beautiful thing.

    Do you think I used ‘beautiful’ enough … must have been the best descriptive word then, uh?

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