Blasts From The Past

Before I was lucky enough to become Liam’s Dad, when I was just Eric, I fancied myself a photographer of sorts. A hobby to start but I worked pretty hard at it. I shot my first wedding, did a few different shoots for a local college’s radio station including some portraits, even did the group photos for a dance studio here in town. Then my priorities changed and that’s ok with me. I have been growing more serious about writing in the past few years and it isn’t as if I got rid of my photography equipment or anything. I’ll get back to it.

Last night while working on a tech issue here at chez Olson I needed to back some things up onto an external hard drive. The majority of the space was taken by photographs. thousands and thousands of photographs. It turned into quite a walk down memory lane.

I made a promise to myself that I was going to post here more often and keep the long breaks to a minimum. So I’m going to use all that past work to fill the gaps. When I need to post something quick I’ll just dip into my pre-Liam stuff.

For our first entry from the vault though let’s not stray too far into the past from my parenting days.  The photos in this post are all from a vacation to Chicago that Karin, my sister Sandra and I made to visit my little brother in August of 2008.

Liam was there too,  let’s just say that Karin packed him in her carry-on.

Liam’s night nurse just arrived. I’m sorry but getting a good night’s sleep wins out over thinking of anything more to say.  Hope you like the photos.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Your ability to observe and appreciate the beauty of a moment continues to serve you, and whether you share it in words or pictures, I appreciate it.

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