You should watch this.

This has probably been around for a while. I am usually late to the party on all the viral trends so you’ve probably all seen this already. You should watch it again.


Well because maybe you’re tired and worn out, maybe it’s been a long week, maybe work’s got you down and money’s got you stressed. Maybe you’re in pain, maybe your child is in pain. Maybe you’re just more bummed than you thought you’d be about the passing of a musical visionary.

You should watch this.

Because a smile can always help, and this here video is a big old smile.


  1. And me, in this moment, am so proud to be a Los Angelean. Which doesn’t happen often I am sorry to say. But this little guy, Eric, I seriously, smiled throughout, because he is simply amazing. His sweet and genuine spirit, something we all could use more of. And stories like this and people who care enough to tell these stories, well, we all know we sure could use more of that as well.

    I swear to you, I am taking my boys to visit Caine’s Arcade. We will put it on our summer to do list. They will get such a kick out of it and me, equally so.

    Did you happen to link to the foundation? Looks like Caine’s college funds have been raised and then some.Incredible.

    I have been reading but not posting. Sorry. But I am here. Promise.

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