The Luckiest.

On friday night Liam was the guest of honor at a pasta dinner fundraiser put on by my staff to benefit the Liam the Lion Fund. It’s the fund we have started in order to buy Liam a wheelchair accessible van. The only way we will be able to get a vehicle to handle Liam safely as he grows is to ask for help.

Asking for help is not something I do very well.

My staff however refused to even let me ask for help and while I was hiding behind stubbornness and pride, they were plotting and scheming behind my back to put on the most amazing pasta dinner. One that grew in scope to almost embarrasingly generous levels. By the time I was told about the event, food had been donated and room reservations made.  All of the sudden flyers and posters with Liam’s picture on them were popping up all over the hospital and complete strangers were stopping me in the hall to ask where they could drop off their gift donations for the raffle.

I have spent the past three weeks being humbled  and touched by the generousity of my co-workers more and more with each passing day.  The outpouring of support for my family in time, effort and money is truly unbelievable in every sense of the word.

I have had two days to compose my thoughts on the dinner/raffle but I am still at a loss. I still don’t have the right words to express my gratitude and thanks.  I’ve tried. I have three different posts started but I can’t quite make it fit.  I just wanted to acknowledge that it happened. I’ll post more composed thoughts later.

Right now I’m still smiling from ear to ear and basking in the knowledge that we really are the luckiest family in the world. I just wish I could express it better.


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