In the blink of an eye.

Photo by his Mom

In the interest of posting here more often I’m going back to what has worked for me in the past and putting up a picture of Liam from school.  It won’t be long now before Liam spends more time in a classroom filled with other students and Karin won’t be able to acoompany him or take pictures to send along to me at work.  I should take advantage of the situation while I can.

Anyway, Look at that big boy of mine! I don’t know where he got the idea that growing up so quickly was acceptable but he’s going ahead and doing it regardless, the little brat.


  1. Damn kids.

    Our oldest is getting married next year. Just was holding her wee little love of a body in my arms just yesterday. Or so it seemed like it was only yesterday.

    Glad you are back and that boy of yours …. just darling. As always.

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