Life at a Glance

So we’ll just have to ease back into things with some photos okay?

I know it’s been a while, I’ll try to do better.

He's Always Had a Head for Hats

Anyway, since last I wrote and you read I joined Instagram (a few days before they were bought by Facebook of course, I’ve worked very hard all these years to avoid facebook completely and now this) and while on the plus side it’s a fun, fast, and easy way to get pictures from my phone to the web the minus side is that it is kind of a closed off app so I haven’t figured out a way to link to a home page or gallery of images for those of you without the app. Instead I’ll post a collection of my best Liam cell phone photos here every weekend (until I forget about this plan and move on to some other thing I won’t get around to.)

Saturday Stripes

You all deserve at least an update on things though, so a couple things from the week that was…

Ready for Sleep

We packed up and headed north for a day at Children’s Hospital Boston to see an eye specialist last week which went about as well as it could despite it taking so long.  I need to remind myself next time that trips to Boston will ALWAYS take twice as long as I predict they should and that way I won’t set myself up to get angry when whatever can delay us does delay us. But as you can see Liam handled it well which is all that matters.

Come With Me if You Want to Live

Easter happened and we were lucky enough to have a weekend long visit from Karin’s brother, his wife, and my 4 wonderful nieces from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately Liam came down with some kind of nasty bug just as they got here and so his time with them was cut a bit short but it was a wonderful visit just the same. We don’t get to see them nearly enough and I’m glad to say that I think everyone involved had a great time.

Sabin Point Park and Niece

A long time ago when I was a more reliable blogger I hatched a plan to photograph and catalogue all the little bits involved in Liam’s care. Equipment, accessories, medical supplies and the like I had wanted to dedicate a post to each and every part.  Initially I had planned on breaking out all my old photography equipment.  Backdrops and stands, umbrellas and light boxes I wanted to take a portrait of each piece.


Washing Liam's Dishes

Maybe someday I’ll find the time to do that but for now I think of this as more guerrilla documentary style. Instead of well-lit and in a vacuum I’ll show the pieces in action.

What 10pm Looks Like Here

Remember the game Boxing for the Atari 2600?

It’s Liam’s life at a glance. Put enough glances together and you just might start to see a bigger piece of the whole picture.


  1. As I read this post, I offer a silent prayer for Liam. With people as loving and caring as you in his side I believe he will conquer anything. Hugs from this side of the world.

  2. Hey, Zoey has some of the same dishes as Liam!!

    Seriously, good to have you back and the pictures are beautiful. As for me and the phone/instagram thing, I traded my smart phone in for an old school one again. Which might indicate I am not bright enough for a smart phone. Hard to say. However, lately, in light of the cool picture taking and ease of use of that feature, I might rethink that.Seems as good a reason as any.

    Hope Liam is feeling better after feeling down. I know it takes some time for our kids to bounce back sometimes.

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