Liam Took His First Steps Today.


Yeah . . . .you read that right.

There are no words to do it justice.

Liam took his first steps today. About ten of them.  Here’s a video of the last couple.


I’ll talk to you later. Today I’m too giddy with pride.


Liam took his first steps today.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us. You are so so right- we all need a taste of something as thrilling as this each day. Perspective is good for each and every one of us. Its a beautiful journey.

  2. Simply no words for this, except thank you for sharing this beautiful, magical moment with us Eric and Karin and of course the the very precious Liam.You rock.

    And just like the slide picture, I see what is missing and think that is pretty wonderful as well!

    1. ….. I’m speechless…..
      But so very happy to share this moment with you. Thank You for uploading these wonderful images.

  3. *wiping tears* Oh Mr Liam, I don’t know what to say, we are all so proud of you. What a clever boy you are. I can’t stop looking at the pics and little video. You are such an amazing little boy. xxx

  4. Awe the sweetest sight!! Thank you for sharing his momentous event with us, I totally love his school for all that fantastic effort they make with Liam xx

  5. What he isn’t telling you is about the conversation we had when I first held him in NICU…Grammy I am going to prove them all wrong.. Might take me a couple of years but they are in for a big surprise; You go boy! Most amazing 3 1/2 year old grandson ever.

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