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I haven’t been feeling very “wordy” lately. Used it all up during the interview on Saturday I guess. The film shoot went well even though it was at times overwhelming and ultimately surreal. They were here for a bit over four hours, hopefully they’ll find a minute or two of footage that makes it look like I know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, like I said, me and the words haven’t been getting along and so here’s a few awesome pictures of Liam from the past week or so.

More bike time at school last week.  As for the pink crocs, they are formerly the shoes of the daughter of Liam’s physical therapist who screwed them onto the pedals of the bike so that Liam can put his foot inside them while still wearing his own shoes. Clever, clever physical therapist.

Milestone alert! Last Thursday Liam (and his daytime nurse, who took the photo) left Mom out in the hall and had his first afternoon of classroom time without a parent in the room with him.  It was difficult for Karin to have him go into a room that she couldn’t enter with him. I suppose the only other time that’s ever happened before is every time he’s been wheeled into the operating room. Mom and Son survived the brutal ordeal of separation just fine though. (Liam a little more so than his Mom)

I’m having a ton of fun playing with the camera in my phone and the apps that let me experiment with different filters for film effects and frames. It’s fun.

And finally, won’t be long now and Liam will be moving out of his crib and into a big boy bed. Getting a little crowded in there. (picture by Karin this morning)

With that I take leave of you all. We have a night nurse tonight. For the first time in twelve days I might actually get a full night of sleep!

Talk to you later.


  1. Awe thanks for all the pictures, it bring great joy to my heart to see Liam doing so well!! He totally rocks it in those pink crocs! What a great PT he has thinking outside the box for him 🙂
    Well done to Karin for coping with separation!
    Hope you and Karin enjoy your sleep in bed together xx

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