My New Pants*

Last July, after finding out that the iPad Liam had been awarded was never coming, I wrote in a post called Journaling Through Some Rage 

There are also more industrious and energetic bloggers out there who have made it their mission to make sure that the 40 kids who were told they would get ipads get their ipads. They are doing so with a focus on transparency and verifiable details in communication. It is not lost on them that after being bitten by an online scam promising ipads no one is going to buy in to the next blog that comes around promising ipads. So they’re not promising. They’re trying. The best that they can. Because they know the hurt and frustration that we feel. They too were chosen as winners in the marissa’s bunny needs based ipad giveaway.

Me? I hope that soon I will get myself back into the mindset where I can jump in and offer my help to them because I’d love nothing more than to help someone else feel better from this whole situation and right now just receiving an ipad doesn’t feel like it would be enough to do that.

Yeah, I was pretty upset. Really upset. But I knew that I wanted to help and eventually I got over the anger with the help of some new friends named Ken and Heather.

About three months after that post, and thanks to those new friends, Liam received his ipad and I wrote then in a post called An iPromise Kept

Four months ago I didn’t think I was a part of any “special needs community”. To be honest, even though I had been writing this blog for over a year and I knew about one or two other blogs that talked about kids with special needs, I didn’t even know a special needs blogging community existed. Now I know I’m a part of something bigger. Now I know that when things aren’t going right, I’ve got people to talk to. People who get it. People who’ve been there.


And that is why this post has been so hard to write. It’s about more than just an ipad. More than just a toy or a tool. It’s about something bigger than just my family. Bigger than just my son. It’s about being a part of a community of people who look out for each other.  Whether they’ve met each other or not. People who saw an injustice and a promise broken but said hereI’ll help. I’llfulfill that promise. I can’t thank them enough, for the ipad, for the community, and for the friendship.

Since that time Ken and Heather and I have kept in touch and grown closer. We’ve never met in person and I’ve never even heard either of their voices but I consider it an honor to call them “friends”. Especially due to the amount of awe I am in of the work that they have done.

To date they have given 22 ipads to families of children with special medical or communication needs all over the country. 22 families changed by technology, by communication and by a community.

So given all of that, I am incredibly excited to announce that Ken and Heather have asked me to become a contributor to the Mission iPossible project! You can read Ken’s announcement and the explanation of this post’s title here at Mission iPossible.

I’m very excited and yes, I am honored to be asked to join such a worthwhile cause. You’ll see that I will be posting over there in the next few days and I hope that you will join me.

But my joining the team is small potatoes. As excited as I am about this opportunity, whether or not I am a part of the Mission iPossible group, it is much more important that you all know that there are only 5 more days  to enter for a chance in The Third Mission.

Mission Three is a give-away of three iPads. (Mission Four will be 4 iPads etc, etc, . . . ) and the deadline to enter by leaving a comment on the mission announcement page is on Friday. So please, take a look, read the rules and then tell everyone you can. Facebook, and the Twitters, blogs and emails.  Spread the word all week.

I don’t really want to elaborate much more than that actually because I would prefer that you jump on over to the Mission blog and follow along a project that means a great deal to me.

Don’t worry, don’t worry my participation there won’t affect my downright robust posting activity here (3 posts in a single week? Geeze I better slow down. How do I do it?)  I’ll post just as sporadically as I always do. Now you’ll just have two places to look for it.

Talk to you soon.



  1. I am finally exhausted from partying like rock a star at Zoey’s 5th birthday celebration, so I will make this brief.

    I am honored that you have chosen to join our ranks and even more so, that you call me friend.

    And who am I kidding? No partying being done here. Just a tired mom, finally allowing the adrenaline to run out. Boy, did we have a fantastic day soaking up the magic of our girl though. Magic.

    Welcome my friend.

  2. Yeah, glad you will be there too. It’s a very soft gig. Taking it slow there, as you well know. Have to. We all have stuff to deal with. I now have the shakes. I think, get this, that I may have dropped my blood sugar TOO LOW now because of the radical shift in diet. Such a noob. I’m now tracking everything, times, amounts, etc. so I can trace it to actual events like shakes and dizzy spells and such.

    Freakin’ rolly coasters…

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