Changing the Game


Pretty awesome picture right?

You have no idea.

So longtime readers may remember our troubles with our medical supply company last year. Well imagine, if you will, that times a thousand. Sometimes you need to throw in the trump card and change the game. Sometimes a picture can be that trump card.

I work for a large international corporation. Without getting into the details, let’s just say it’s big. Really big. So when they make decisions on health insurance and the like they are thinking about hundreds of thousands of employees. On January 1st my insurance coverage changed companies.

The change hasn’t been nearly as bad as I thought, since so far they are covering close to everything my last insurer did, but the process of changing was a nightmare. Each and every item on our four page order guide had to be re-evaluated and re-approved involving hours and hours of phone calls over the course of three days.  Hours and hours of phone calls.

Karin is a saint.

After the first day filled with roadblocks and attitude Karin had an idea. An epiphany  if you will. A game changer.

“Do you have an email address I can use if I have any questions before we talk again tomorrow?” Karin asked the supply company rep. and her plan was set into motion.

Numbers on a screen. Ventilator circuits, sterile sponges, oximeter probes, suction catheters, no matter that these things are essential to people’s lives, these are just invoice numbers on a screen going to “patients”. Last name, First Name, Shipping Address. Not people, patients. Numbers on a screen.

Until someone throws them a curve ball. And Karin? Well she’s got a hell of a hook.

Off went the email. A simple hello, and a thanks for working on the list but with the picture above as an attachment. The poor little customer service rep. Karin really shouldn’t have assulted her with that much cute at once. It’s not even fair.

“Oh My God! Your son is the most adorable thing! I’ve printed out the picture and it’s hanging at my desk.” Our rep called early the next day. First call of the morning, as a matter of fact. “Let’s run through this so I can make sure we get EVERYTHING approved and sent to you now that you’ve already made me cry at my desk today.”

Like I said . . . Game Changer.

Gotta keep an eye on my Mom, She's sneaky like that.


  1. What a great idea, well done Karin!

    But above all, what an absolutely gorgeous couple of photos of Liam, especially the one at the top! When I saw it, it made my heart go all of a flutter! xxx

  2. Are you aware that Health Connection, a for-profit medical equipment supply company, has stolen your words? They have re-posted this blog as “Written on May 17, 2012 by admin in Medical Supplies News.” (

    They have done the same thing to me and my post, “Today’s Reason for Occupying Something.”

    If you know of any way to put a stop to this plagarism, please contact me at

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