Tuckered Out Tough Guy


As I mentioned yesterday Liam turned 3 over the holidays which means that he aged out of his Early Intervention program. Physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech services, as most of you know, are now the responsibility of our local school department making today Liam's first day of school.

The mind reels.

School? Already? How could this have happened?

He's not going all day yet. Starting all day school with a classroom full of kids during the heart of flu/rsv season is a risk we are unwilling to take. So even though it's only a few hours a week to get therapies, it's still school.

School? Ack.

I was nervous going in. Maybe nervous isn't the right word, let's try.  . . Scared shitless. Yeah that fits.

Hospitals, doctors these things don't scare me anymore.  I know we can handle them. But it's been a long time since anyone new has been given a try out for Team Liam and all of the sudden we're in a rebuilding year. It's a whole lineup change.

Thankfully his new occupational therapist was confident and experienced enough with both Liam and his ventilator circuit to set my mind at ease.

In no time at all Liam was twisted and stretched out on the huge angled mat you see above. Usually during therapy Liam likes to check out early and fall asleep, but whether it was the change in environment or the ability of the therapist, today he spent the entire session awake and engaged, including playing with his ipad for a while with his new speech therapist.

After an hour of being made to work harder than I've ever seen him try, Liam lay tuckered out on the mat, a look of satisfaction and contentment shining through despite the swollen red cheek of teething from yet another molar poking through (does the teething EVER STOP??)

And so it goes. My little boy just had his first day of "school". Go ahead and look all you want, a prouder papa you will not find.


  1. So glad Liam had a good first day.

    Sam normally checks out of physio sessions after about 10 minutes – even though the physios have stepped things up now and try and make him work more, he can still fall asleep. I’m there desperately (and failing) to wake him up – problem is at home we just leave him to snooze and wake of his own accord and as you know, being gastrostomy fed he doesn’t need to be awake to have a snack!


    PS As usual I love Liam’s t-shirt. That boy must have one cool wardrobe!

  2. I am amazed how quickly time has passed and how much Liam has grown. Thank You for sharing your family’s journey. It warms my heart with all the love you, Karin and Liam have! Give Liam and Karin hugs from me. If more parents were like you guys this world would be completely full of love and not hate!

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