Right. So I took a bit of a blog vacation for the holidays. Probably not a great time to stop blogging since it also included Liam's third birthday on the day after Christmas. I feel bad not writing something special for the blog to mark his third birthday (don't worry though, not all of my writing is for the blog) so here's an adorable picture of my wife and son to appease you. Another cell phone pic from Karin to me to let me know they were thinking of me.

There was no real reason for the hiatus other than being lazy and tired and reading a whole lot and enjoying the holidays with my family.

It was nice.

But I'm back now and ready to jump into a new year of posting.

I hope you all had a happy and healthy new year. I know I did.

One comment

  1. Very Happy Belated Birthday wishes to your beautiful boy. 3 years? Hard to believe what has been packed into those years, uh? I was just thinking that very thing as we are getting ready to celebrate Zoey’s 5th birthday here soon. Mind blowing.

    And yes, that picture is adorable.

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