You may have noticed the lack of a certain S-word around here of late. We don’t tempt fate and say the word seizures when they aren’t happening and for a good long while this fall liam’s seizures were just not happening.

It was bizarre. Not that we’re complaining.

Something happened during that last hospitalization. While battling back intense and severe seizures because his stomach couldn’t handle his normal preventative Meds we hit on something.

I don’t know.

Maybe it was a reboot of sorts, he was sedated for quite a while this time. Or maybe he was in such discomfort from the intestinal problems that leading up to the hospital that the pain was triggering more seizure activity than we knew.

Whatever the reason Liam went from the first week of September to the second week of November without a seizure event. Hell we didn’t even see any of the small spasms we’ve grown so accustomed to. No twitching either. I mean nothing.

It was Liam’s longest seizure free stretch since he started having them at 5 months old.

But we all knew it wouldn’t last. Liam is still a growing boy after all, and outgrowing his doses was inevitable. The seizures will always catch-up.

The seizures are back now but only subtle events and not nearly as often as they were in the summer. If you came by for a visit You probably wouldn’t even notice one happening unless karin or I told you but we notice them. We notice them all.

So we go back to chasing after them. Adjusting doses and combinations of medecine.

Trying to get just a few steps ahead while finding that balance between seizures and sleepiness.

At least now I can say the word seizure again.

One comment

  1. Damn seizures. I really hate them. Worse than our leukemia battle. Have I ever told you that before? Hard to believe, uh? But totally true.

    Zoey goes to her neurologist Monday. He will talk about weaning. Again. To which I will say, um, no thank you.

    Sending all good things, positive vibes and my prayers, that Liam will find seizure freedom, for good and you can go back to declaring the “S” word, off limits and to never to uttered out load in your home.

    Funny, you could go back in my archives and find a post or 2 where I forbid the “S” word to be spoken either. Don’t we wish it could be as simple as superstition keeping them at bay?

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