Nice Frames Poindexter!


Being a total nerd I always wanted to wear glasses but I've been cursed with great vision.

Lucky for me though I get to live vicariously through my boy and today he and his mom went to go pick up his new frames.

Big boy frames.

Moving away from the indestructible plastic miraflex and into these beauties. Wire rimmed and no strap around the back of his head my little man is growing up way too fast for me.

At least they have Mickey mouse on the side so that you can still know that he's just a kid. Otherwise he'd be out buying smokes and voting and renting cars all over the place he looks so grown up in these things.

I don't remember either karin or myself giving Liam permission to grow up this fast so until he cuts this out…he's grounded!


  1. I love a man with glasses. Seriously , I do. Liam looks so very handsome.

    As an extremely nearsighted person, as in I literally cannot step out of bed without putting on my glasses, I have always longed for perfect vision. Been wearing them since the second grade and but mostly wear contacts now. My husband weirdly loves me in glasses, me, not so much.

    Funny thing is, Zoey, having that extra chromosome something something, stood a high chance of needing them and somehow, missed that. Much to her older sisters disappointment. They long to see her in cute little frames. As her mother, I am glad to have skirted that because the place of incident her stroke occurred, there stood a very high chance of catastrophic optic nerve damaged. She is blind, midline over in her left, and peripheral loss in right, but remaining vision, perfect.

    I often joke that I would gladly switch out a couple of her other major diagnoses for some glasses though. Would have been a much easier route to go!

    I think I should email you from now on. My comments are ridiculous in length sometimes!

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