2 iPads for the Holidays

I’m wondering just how many iPads are going to be waiting under Christmas trees all over the world this year.

How many will be taken to college and filled with movies and music? Or end up in pocketbooks, crammed with contact lists and schedules for the assorted activities of a family? How many more will be used for nothing but video games and fantasy football?

I’m guessing lots and lots in all those categories.

But I know about these 2 IPads.

They’re all wrapped up and ready to go and I already know what they’re going to do. These ipads are going to help children who need them communicate, learn, and grow. For two families of special needs children these iPads are going to change the world.

Many of you already know the story behind Liam’s iPad and the Mission iPossible group that made it possible. (it’s here if you don’t). Riding on the success of completing Mission One a side mission has sprung up for Mission Two. 2 iPads are being given away to two special needs children for Christmas this year but we need to move quick. entries must be posted by December 15th people! There are of course rules that you need to go and read but the basics are this..

Have a child with special needs?

Live in the U.S? (sorry international folks but they hope to get to you in future missions.)

Know how to leave a blog comment?

Huzzah! You can be entered for an iPad for your special needs child. The winners will be chosen at random.

I’m a relative newcomer to the special needs blogging community and so I fear that much of my audience from that community already knows about this giveaway.  So local family, friends and all those folks who read because I know you in person, I’m looking at you. Spread the word. Put it on your Facebook’s and twitters. Google+ and tumblr. If I know you from the NICU or the PICU then tell the parents you see about it.

I would hate for someone to not be given the opportunity to win such an important tool only because they didn’t even know they could.

These ipads are already purchased. This is not a fundraiser in any way. Just a good old-fashioned giveaway.

Help Mission iPossible change the way two special needs families interact with the world.


  1. Thank you for this Eric and for your continued belief in us and the support you have lent to things over at Mission iPossible. Much appreciated.

    Thank you also, for the previous post. Well, I mean I am certainly sorry for all the trouble and inconvenience for you all and it was most likely no laughing matter when you were knee deep in it, but for me, I was in need of a laugh or two tonight and you once again delivered.

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