Too many puns to pick one

For a day and a half we couldn’t flush our toilets.

Couldn’t wash dishes either.

It’s a good thing that my parents only live a few blocks aways because showering, and laundry weren’t an option at my house since monday when our main sewer line out of the house had been clogged by tree roots working their way into the clay sewer lines.

There is a sink in my basement. We’re pretty lucky it’s there. Without that sink the sewage backup would probably be in my kitchen sink or the bathroom next to Liam’s room instead of pooling in said sink and the basement floor.

So let’s just say it’s been a shitty couple of days and leave it at that.

This morning my father and I rented a big industrial plumbing snake and cleaned out the main line from the house to the street. We have to do it every couple of years anyway but one of these years we’ll get to it early, you know, like preventative maintenance instead of emergency repair.

When we were done snaking the line at my house it was off to Mom and Dad’s house to snake out their drain. They’ve also got a root issue that needs tending every couple of years and we had already paid for the half day rental.  In their case it was lucky we did. Judging by the tree roots we pulled out of their sewer line they were only a couple of weeks away from a complete blockage too. That certainly would have been some kind of Christmas gift.

Yes my foot is still broken, it’s ok though because my father is much tougher than I am and standing next to the snake while he did all of the real work didn’t stress my injury all that much.

Liam has little need for flushing toilets or showers. Firstly, he wears diapers, so . . . there’s that, and second, he has spent so many weeks in the hospital without a real shower or bath that missing his bath on Tuesday was hardly going to have a huge impact on his life. The inconvenience was much more on Karin and I having to use my parent’s house for any draining needs.

The frustrating part is that I saw the whole thing coming when the drain seemed to get slow, but my attempts at heading off the problem with chemical root killers and mainline cleaners weren’t enough. I’ve been dealing with this shit for four days.

But none of you really wanted to read about my crappy morning.

I just needed to explain why I haven’t posted my next post. I’m going to post again tonight. An important and exciting post that I should have posted a while ago but haven’t yet because I’ve been dealing with other things. It is absolutely time sensitive and I need all of your help out there, so I hardly want to start a post like that talking about sewage.

I really feel terrible for dropping the ball on the timing of this but what can I say?

The poop hit the fan.

Updated to add Alternative Post Title Courtesy of Karin: Is There Something in Your Pipes or Are You Just Crappy to See Me?  That’s the one I should have picked.


  1. Thanks for sharing your shitty experience with us, Mike and I truly needed this giggle after the events that have occurred here… Much love to you, Karen and Liam!

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