How I spent my Saturday morning. Featuring Liam’s first swingset!

Liam was given a swingset by his new friend K. K is much older than Liam is but faces very similar medical challenges. He doesn’t use the swing anymore and wanted Liam to have it.  I can’t thank him and his family enough. Meeting K and his family has been an inspiration for me. It’s like looking 15 years into our future – and I like what I see.

So this morning my father and I hooked the boat trailer up to his van and picked up Liam’s incredible new toy. Liam absolutely loves swinging. This thing swings and spins in any direction, all the while keeping his wheelchair safe and secure. Whenever we let it stop swinging Liam would shake his head and flap his arms until I gave him another big push to get him moving again.

Well, until the soothing motion of the swing put him to sleep of course, but he loved it just the same.

I’m not sure what all of you did with your Saturday morning but whatever it was I’m pretty sure that mine was better.



  1. Well, I ran a half marathon and I have to tell you, your morning, it sounds WAY, WAY, WAY more fun, than mine.

    I love that Liam has a swing. Every child should have one. I would like to put together a group here in my town and see what we can do to have funded a handicap accessible playground. As it stand now, Zoey and many of her friends, don’t get a whole lot out of a park. So, that’s next on my agenda.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend

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