Quick music stuff.

I found this at Blurbomat. I love it. It has been on a never-ending loop in my head for the past four days and now I’m giving it to you.

I’ve never heard of Chromeo before but I’ll check them out now. I also had no idea that Daryl Hall was A.) Still out there making music, or B.) Able to sing a song that he has probably sang a million times yet keep it new and fresh. These guys all look like they are having so much fun, and they probably are, which adds to how much I enjoy this clip. Believe me it’s worth your 5 minutes.

In other “What I’m Listening To” news, At work it’s been nothing but Pearl Jam ever since Karin and I watched that Cameron Crowe movie Pearl Jam Twenty on PBS about a week ago. It has been years since I’ve listened to any of the mid-nineties rock that I liked so much as a kid and I really did forget how much that first album of theirs meant to the tenth-grade me when it came out.

As far as the movie goes, I really liked it and I can see myself watching it again soon. It was like reuniting with an old friend. I haven’t kept up with Pearl Jam’s albums (didn’t make it past the third album) for a whole host of crazy reasons that had little to do with the quality of the music they were putting out and more to do with my changing attitudes about popular music itself. It was college and I was 18 years old. I was a freshman music major and so obviously I knew more about music than anyone ever had, right?

Anyway, if you were not a fan of Pearl Jam you may not enjoy the movie at all. I don’t know. But for me?  Movie was so good I’m going to go back and start checking out all the Pearl Jam albums I missed out on.


  1. Since I live in LA, I have heard of Chromeo, mainly because I listen to a morning radio show with 2 guys named Mark and Brain. Have listened to them for the last 20 plus years. without children in the car, well Zoey is the exception! Funny, funny guys.

    Anyway, they have Hall and Oats on the program often and they have talked about “Live from Daryl’s House”. Funny thing, I never was a fan of Hall and Oats when they were in their prime but the people that come to the house and the music they put out there, really some great stuff.

    As for Pearl Jam .. my husband is a huge, huge fan. He would tell you to go out and buy all their stuff .He actually did a music video for Eddie Vedder awhile back and said he is a super nice guy. Eddie has a new album out where he plays the ukulele.Which I really like.

    Music for me, just transcends space and time and can sometimes can put you in much needed states of mind, when you need it most. We always have a ton of variety playing in our house. It is one of the things that Zoey actually responds the most to and, as I type this, I have my one son upstairs play Led Zeppelin on his guitar, my granddaughter playing maracas wildly and Joe banging on the drums … Zoey is in heaven.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

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