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For some reason, tonight was the night that Calvin decided that despite all of the cats' protests we were probably going to let Liam stay here with us for good.

Throwing in the towel, Calvin decided that if Liam was going to stay then his lap was as good as any other for a nap. The cats have been sort of indifferent to Liam until now all the while being total jealous brats to Karin and I. Before crawling up onto Liam's lap tonight Calvin eyed him on the couch like he had never even seen him before. He cautiously approached but once he settled in on that blanket he couldn't stop purring. Like he was a young kitten again.

For his part Liam seemed to enjoy it. May not be a smile in that picture but once he realized that yes, he could in fact still move his legs he calmed down and let his hand feel Calvin's soft fur.

We're still leery of the cats walking all over Liam and so kept a close eye on all the happenings but to his credit Calvin was nothing if not cautious and gentle with his new best buddy.

I'm not gonna lie to you, Calvin can be a pretty big pain in the ass. More so after we brought home his ultimate competition for our attention. Adorable moments like this are what have kept him around for ten years.


  1. Awe too cute!
    Our cat Ally Jane was a car with a beautiful soul and was a great mini nurse to the kids, we have 2 with autism and she always there to help keep them calm, her most amazing thing was letting me know if our youngest wasn’t feeling right, she would stick like glue to her whenever she was having ear troubles ( which is often and had surgery on them nearly every year for 7 years) because of the autism she couldnt tell us what was wrong or if her fever spiked during the night the cat would let me know, Ally Jane was a loved family member and missed heaps

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