1. Been a little missing in action the last week or so and have missed your last few posts. As it stands, I really haven’t actually gotten my groove back in the blogging game but had this marathon I did, which was nice, because I didn’t have to sit with my fingers, idle at the keyboard, trying to figure out what in the heck to write. I had plenty of wonderful material to run with. No pun intended. Now the pressure to get back in the swing of things, ugg.

    Anyway, yeah on the date night. I think Mark and I average the same nights out a year as you two. Better than nothing I suppose.

    Glad all went smoothly with Liam’s procedure and thank goodness you could get the hell out of dodge quickly. Nothing like going to the hospital for one thing and leaving with something else. I remember when Zoey was in for chemo … RSV and pneumonia as a chaser. Courtesy of the cesspool.

    Hope you are enjoying the beauty of fall back there. Kinda jealous. Just for a minute though.

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